glock 19

The Glock 19 is the best gun in the world and if you disagree? Bad news, you are wrong, and here’s why.

Its what the professionals choose

Love it or hate it, the Glock has been the pistol of choice for most law enforcement and special operation military units. Its simplistic design makes it reliable and easy to use.

When the Glock pistol was first introduced many people were immediately turned off. It was plastic and didn’t have an external hammer. At the time, the gun community was used to heavy all-steel handguns.

Most people have a hard time with change and accepting new things (me included). The Glock revolutionized the sidearm overnight.

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It works and is reliable

Glocks definitely hold the title of being the most reliable pistol on the market. This is probably the most important factor as to why the Glock is the best gun on the market today.

Brand new out of the box it’s ready to go. No need for a break-in period like some other pistols.

Doesn’t matter if the pistol hasn’t been cleaned and is filthy it will still chew through anything you run through it.


exploded glockSimple is better. with only 33 parts the Glock is minimal when it comes to its functionality and design. The fewer part there are the less likely something is to break or fail.

With complex firearms, they tend to be more finicky and are accustom to malfunctions.

The ease of use also is a huge factor. There is no external thumb safety and extra controls. This makes it a great choice for a novice shooter with not much firearms experience.

Only a slide stop, magazine release, and the trigger. The only thing a pistol needs. No extra fluff or distractions.

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Aftermarket support

The Glock has a ton of aftermarket support from many different companies. Any gun store you visit you can also count on finding accessories specifically made for Glock pistols.

Everything from sights, lights, lasers, holsters, triggers, and extra magazines can be found literally everywhere.

No need to track down parts or accessories for uncommon guns, also everything for Glocks will normally be in stock too!

Hostlers can easily be found and purchased for the Glock 19. Every company that makes a holster will make one for this pistol.

You never have to worry about not finding the correct holster for your gun and it can save you a lot of time.

The pistol is so common that many gun companies make their firearms to accept Glock magazines, which is pretty damn cool.

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Glock prices are not the lowest in the market, however, they are very reasonable. Most quality pistols are normally around the $500 price point and Glock is right in the middle.

I personally would like to see them a little cheaper (like everything else) but Glock knows they sell and why would they lower the price if people buy them.

The big kicker is when it comes to magazines. Sig Sauer charges an arm and a leg for extra magazines (normally over $50) while Glock mags can be found at around $25 apiece.

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Here’s a little personal story

When I first got into guns I knew I didn’t want a Glock. I wanted something different and unique. Something that felt personal and rare almost. Why did I feel this way? I have no idea.

Everywhere I looked people were recommending Glock and telling me that should be my first pistol. Online forums, youtube videos, people working at the gun store were all saying pretty much the same thing. Go buy a Glock.

“Its the best, it’s this, it’s that, blah blah blah….”

Being stubborn I didn’t listen and decided to purchase an Israel Weapons Industries (IWI) Baby Eagle II (Jericho 941) chambered in 9mm. If you are unfamiliar, it is very similar to the CZ 75.

The Baby Eagle was a good gun, it worked, was accurate, but just one major downside. It was heavy, too heavy to use for conceal carry.

Long story short I ended up selling it and buying a Glock.

Why didn’t the Army choose it?

When the U.S. Army announced that they chose the Sig Sauer M17 (P320) and not the Glock 19x many people were disappointed.

Special Operations units have been using a Glock for a while and people were actually very upset at this news. Why the Sig and not the Glock?

Money. Everything comes down to money at the end of the day and the government always picks the lowest bidder.

I believe that Sig won the contract because they offered a cheaper price than Glock. This is my own personal speculation and I could be wrong.

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Which Model is the best?

Glock offers a huge selection of different models that are of different sizes and calibers.

glock model chart

So now that we have determined why the Glock is the best pistol to date, why the Glock 19 when there are so many different models available?

The simple answer is because of versatility.

The Glock 19 is legendary and can fill multiple roles and does each of them extremely well. The 19 is a midsize handgun that can be used as a duty weapon or a concealed carry.

It is the go-to pistol for just about everything.

The Glock 19 is chambered in 9mm and it is the most common caliber for a handgun. You get good capacity mixed with good stopping power.

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Glock 19 Gen 4

glock 19 gen 4


Caliber: 9x19mm

Length: 7.28”

Height: 4.99”

Width: 1.18”

Barrel: 4.02”

Trigger: 5.5 pounds

Weight: 23.65 w/empty magazine

Slide Finish: Black Melonite

Capacity: 15+1 


Buy a Glock 19

I personally put off buying one way too long. Being around firearms for a while I tried hating on it. I was honestly being stubborn because I didn’t own one myself.

Now that I have one I’m much happier and life is great!

So, what do you think about the Glock 19? Do you have one? Do you want one? Or are you that small part of the gun community that hates them? Let me know in the comments below.

Thanks for reading!

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  1. I’ve had the Glock 19 for many years actually I have several Glocks but I have to agree with this article you can’t beat the Glock 19 it is extremely reliable dependable and very accurate I just bought the G45 not long ago and I love it also I can’t say anything bad about Glocks at all my life and my families depend on them. I’ve carried many types of handguns over the last 35 plus years and my personal choice is Glock.

  2. I prefer the .40 S&W cartridge, but am convinced that Glock is the most dependable gun to have. G22 on the nightstand, G23 or G27 for EDC. All spare mags are 15 round G22 mags which fit all three pistols (no fumbling around in the dark for the right magazine – just grab one and go).

    Competing in IDPA is G34 for SSP, G19 for CCP, G26 for BUG, G41 for CDP; in USPSA it’s the G35 or G24.

    Their reliability is unsurpassed. They were never meant to be a BBQ gun…

  3. I have stayed away from Glocks for many years because of the popularity. I have first purchased the S&W M&P in compact and full-size. They have been extremely reliable with terrific follow up shots and ergonomics is spot on. Minimal controls and ease of control. I have owned and shot many other polymers before I finally broke down and purchased a G19. While I like the idea of its so called compactness it has the worst trigger of all the polymers I have fired and making follow up shots inaccurate and not so smooth. It has plastic sites that many complain about and the magazines seem to be more restrictive when the release is pressed. No other polymer have I experienced such a drag on the magazine drop. And the price tag is higher than the M&P and to experience the same ease of use I would need to spend more for after market options.

    Also, friends of mine have fired the G19 and have made the same comments.

    I have no doubt that Glocks are tremendous firearms and robust and reliable but they are not my first choice to carry. Will I be selling my G19? Possibly. But that is because of all the fans out there and I should get a good price for it when I do get to that point.

    And the P320 has been experiencing great success. It is a fine firearm and has the best trigger in my experience. It is reliable and has good night sights and I like the modularity. All at a good price less than I would spend to get the G19 to the same level as the P320.

  4. As a retired law enforcement officer I started my career with a revolver, an S&W model 10 a great gun. When switching to an auto pistol at the time it was one of 3 pistols, all were DA/SA type. I could not get use to 2 different trigger pulls and the grip was wide, like the business end of a baseball bat. I went back to carrying my revolver. Once I tried a Glock, a model 19 I fell in love with it. It felt great, pointed naturally, was accurate and 100% reliable, what more could one ask for. Unfortunately at one point in my career we were all forced to carry the same weapon, a Glock 22. I was guaranteed a minimum of 2 failures to eject with every magazine during qualifying. The asshole instructor said it was me, I told him my 19 or 36 never malfunction. Lucky for me I’m retired now and my weapon of choice is mine. A Glock 19 in cooler weather and a 38 snobby in hot weather.

  5. Hi guys
    I have a glock 19 with which I shot 200,000 shots, never had a problem has always worked perfectly. Believe it or not for 8 years I do not clean it. I shoot and leave it as it is in the safe …. what do you want di piuy from a gun ??
    the only thing I don’t like about the glock is the sights
    hi I am stewe from Italy

  6. I have owned and carried just about every gun made in my 30+ years of shooting. Some have been fair and most have been great. But the older I get the more I appreciate function over form. Truth be told, I bought a lot of handguns because they looked good. Most were pretty good shooters as well. Up until then I did not own a Glock. Didn’t want one. Ugliest thing ever made. But a friend of mine, who is a Glock person, actually gave me one on my birthday. I was not real happy to have it and wondered what I could trade it for at my local gun shop. But to make him feel good I took it with me the next time we went to the range. It was a model 19. All I can say is in the course of one afternoon of shooting, I moved my tent into Glock Land. I was never so impressed on so many levels with a handgun in my life. It was accurate. It had the natural pointability of a German Luger. The muzzle flip was so minimal I never lost sight of the exact spot I was aiming at on target. Worked with all ammo and never skipped a beat.
    To shorten things up I tell everyone I know: if I could only own one gun it would be a Glock 19. I have carried one for years because it is comfortable, and I know that if I ever had to draw and shoot, my Glock will work flawlessly every time. The Glock 19 is the best gun ever, period. So good that I stake my life on it.

    • I bought a Glock 19 Gen 3. About 8 months ago. I was very sceptic and unsure. I was a Baretta and CZ fan. Nit inpressed with this tupperware gun.

      Well. About 500 rounds later. I can only but agree.

      GLOCK 19 gen 3 is the best gun ever.

  7. I have only owned 5 pistols, a charter arms revolver, a Walther creed, Ruger security 9, soringfield XDe, and a Glock 19. All are tremendous guns and I love them all but if I could only own 1 firearm there’s no question it would be a Glock 19. I truly do believe it to be the best handgun ever made. From a duty belt to concealed carry to a truck gun or on the nightstand it fills every role perfectly and the only thing I would change about it is the sights. For less than $100 I bought the OEM tritium sights and for another $100 or so I bought a tungsten guide rod. Imo that combination on a g19 is simply unbeatable for under $1,000.

  8. It’s interesting to know that the Glock 19 is considered to be a very versatile pistol that can fit multiple roles, making it quite the middle ground when choosing a firearm to buy. I’m currently looking up some gun DIY upgrades that I can do on pistols because I’m planning my first one soon. I think customizing a Glock would be quite interesting to do and make mine quite unique compared to all the other pistols that other gun owners have.


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